Joe Eddy


“Joe believes our most valuable strength lies in the relationships we build with our clients, and he is proud to support his clients with over 25 years of experience.”

Quick Facts:

  • Education: Texas Tech University
  • Typical Workout: Biking
  • Hobbies: Participating in the BP MS 150 to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and competing in the Hotter’N Hell 100 Ride (my best time was 4:45!)  I was surprised to learn that the MS 150 is actually closer to 180 miles long.  The first time I did the race, I got really excited when I approached mile 150…then 160…and 170…
  • Pet Peeve: Drivers texting in school zones and poor service at restaurants.
  • When I grow up… Haha…never.